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Scientific Research/Grants

After earning her doctorate in epidemiology at UC Berkeley in 1988, Dr. Winkleby came to Stanford where she leads a research group that focuses on social determinants of health. Her scientific grants during this time have been from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of California, other governmental agencies, and local foundations. This section on past and current grants provides the scientific abstracts from the grants and related publications.

Current grants

2007-2011 Co-Investigator (subcontract with Jan Sundquist, Lund University, Sweden), Mothers, Places, and Pre Term Birth, NIH, RO1.
2007-2011 Principal Investigator/Project Director, Grants for Precollege Science Education - Biomedical Research Institutions, Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
2008-2013 Advisory Board, (Randy Stafford, Principal Investigator) Case Management and Environmental Support to Sustain Weight Loss and Reduce CHD Risk, NHLBI, NIH.
2008-2010 Principal Investigator, Exciting Low Income Students about Science: A New Health Disparities Curriculum, The Health Trust.
2009-2014 Principal Investigator, The Stanford SEPA (Science Education Partnership Award) Project, NIMH R25, NIH.
2008-2013 Co-Director, Community Engagement; Director, K-12 Pipeline Program (Harry Greenberg, Principal Investigator), Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research (CTSA), NIH.

Past grants

1977-1979 Co-Principal Investigator, A Cooperative Study of Risk Factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, NIH, NICHD, RO1.
1990-1991 Principal Investigator, Health and Homelessness: A Study of Precipitating Factors, The Valley Foundation.
1991-1996 Co-Investigator, CVD Nutrition Education in Low Literate Adults, NIH, NHLBI.

Investigator, Stanford Five-City Multifactor Risk Reduction Study, NIH, NHLBI.

1994-1997 Principal Investigator, Teen Advocates for Community Change and Leadership Education (TACCLE), California Wellness Foundation.
1996-1998 Principal Investigator, Hispanic and White Women’s Cardiovascular Health, NIH, NHLBI.
1996-1999 Investigator, Stanford Minority Center of Excellence, HRSA.
1996-2001 Principal Investigator, Impact of Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status on Women’s Cardiovascular Health: Implications for Community Interventions, Established Investigatorship Award, National American Heart Association.
1996-2002 Principal Investigator, Interactions of Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status on Women’s Cardiovascular Health: Implications from NHANES III Data, American Heart Association Grant-in-Aid.
1998-2002 Principal Investigator, High Risk Teen Tobacco Use Prevention through Advocacy, NIDA, RO1.
1999-2000 Co-Principal Investigator (with Dr. Robert Melton, Director, Monterey County Department of Health), IMPACTO II: The Monterey County Hispanic Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Study .
1999-2001 Principal Investigator, Overweight Adults: Ethnic, SES, and Behavioral Influences, NIH, NHLBI, RO3.
2000-2003 Co-Principal Investigator (with Robert Egnew, Director, Monterey County Department of Health), IMPACTO II: Monterey’s Hispanic Behavioral Risk Factor Study, California Cancer Research Program

Principal Investigator, CHOICE, Stanford Medical Youth Science Program, The California Endowment.

2003 Principal Investigator, Cancer-related Health Behaviors and Screening Practices in Latina Women, Research Award, Iris F. Litt, MD Fund, Stanford University Institute for Research on Women and Gender.
2001-2007 Principal Investigator, Neighborhood-Level Influences on All-Cause Mortality, NHLBI, R01.
2002-2007 Co-Investigator (subcontract with Jan Sundquist, Karolinksa Institute, Stockholm, Sweden), Longitudinal Study of Neighborhood Predictors of CVD, NHLBI, RO1.
2003-2008 Co-Principal Investigator (subcontract with John Snider, Monterey County Department of Health), Salud! Salinas STEPS to Health, CDC.
2003-2009 Principal Investigator, Stanford MKITS Science Program: a Focus on CVD and Public Health, NHLBI.

Principal Investigator, Stanford Medical Youth Science Program School-Based Science Initiative, Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education

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